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Holistic Beauty Spa

Our menu of holistic beauty services cater to those with an vision of self-expression that embraces the harmony between inner feeling and outer appearance. We understand holistic beauty not just as a reflection of physical appearance, but also of inner well-being, and our expert lash and brow and makeup artists ensure that The Corner Suite is Savannah's best Downtown Beauty Spa - the place where beauty and mindfulness meet.

Our holistic beauty spa offerings include comprehensive lash and brow services and makeup artistry and education. Our talented lash and brow and makeup artists are here to guide you on a journey to intentional, natural, beauty.

The Corner Suite's mission is to discover and enhance natural facial balance and harmony through a careful and intentional compositional facial analysis. From there, we guide you through a plan for a series of lash and brow shaping and tinting treatments and we provide ongoing support with makeup and skincare consultations.

Our Beauty Spa Offerings



Our lash extension service is the perfect solution for those who want fuller and longer lashes without the hassle of daily mascara application. We gently attach high-quality synthetic lashes to natural lashes, creating a natural and glamorous look that will last for weeks.

Lash extensions, full set $175

Lash extensions, fill-in $80

Lash extensions, half set $115


Lash lifts are designed for those for those who want a natural and lifted lash look without the use of extensions. We use a safe, gentle solution to curl and lift your natural lashes, giving them a more defined and voluminous appearance.

Lash lift + tint $100 (save $70)

Lash lift $85


A lash tint is the best way to enhance your natural lashes and add depth and dimension to your eyes. We use a safe, gentle dye to darken your natural lashes, making them appear thicker and fuller. Especially great for those with lighter-colored lashes.

Lash lift + tint $100 (save $20)

Lash tint$85


Our brow lamination service is the perfect solution for unruly or sparse brows. Using a gentle solution, this service will straighten and lift your natural brow hairs, giving them a fuller and more defined appearance. Combine with a brow tint for best results.

Brow lamination + tint $90 (save $20)

Brow lamination $65


A brow tint is an excellent way to add depth and definition to your brows. By darkening your natural brow hairs using a gentle dye, a tint will create a fuller and more defined appearance. Combine with a brow lamination for best results.

Brow lamination + tint $90 (save $20)

Brow tint $45


The composition of the face is framed by the eyebrows. In skilled hands, brow tweezing can achieve sculpted and defined brows tailored to your face shape.

Brow tweezing (only) $30

Brow tweezing (add-on) $25


Let us enhancing your self-care journey. The world of skincare and the art of personalized beauty is always evolving, and education is everything. Let us help you keep up with the state of the art through our Makeup Artistry Consultations and Skincare Mastery sessions. Elevate your daily routine, and let our gifted makeup artists empower you with the knowledge and techniques to optimize the benefits of the skincare products you use at home.

Book a session with one of our makeup artists to celebrate your natural beauty. We offer expert makeup application services, tailored for special occasions, events, weddings, and more. Our skilled aestheticians will help you feel radiant, confident and more naturally beautiful than you've ever felt.

Skincare Consultations, 1hr $50, virtual or in-person, complimentary with purchase of products from The Corner Suite or post-treatment. 

Makeup Artistry for Special Events, 1hr $150 at The Corner Suite, $250 for concierge services.


Our lash and brow services help balance and enhance your face's shape, creating a more polished and put-together look. Whether you are looking for tinting, shaping, or laminating, we will bring out the natural beauty of your brows and lashes so you can enjoy a more low-maintenance daily routine. 


For those important moments in life, where you want to look your best in order to feel your best. Whether it's a wedding, a photoshoot, or any special event, The Corner Suite is here to make you feel radiant, confident, and naturally beautiful.

Our skilled aestheticians offer expert makeup application services tailored specifically for these occasions. Book a session with one of our makeup artists to enhance your natural beauty.