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Escape Covid at The Corner Suite

Escape Covid at The Corner Suite

At The Corner Suite, we have always sought to provide the same exacting service you would expect from any top hotel or health spa in the great destinations of the world – and now that we can’t travel freely, aren’t you glad that we are here?

Of course, Covid-19 and the subsequent disruption has required changes for most businesses, but the Corner Suite has always made the safety and comfort of our patients our first priority. We observe stringent safety protocols to include all CDC guidance. Additionally, we have taken the Safe Savannah Pledge.

Welcome amanda harris, our new director

We are pleased to welcome Amanda Harris, who will serve as the new Director of the Corner Suite.

Savannah’s beauty mavens will recognize the name. Amanda was for years the beloved Store and Spa Manager at Bluemercury, the luxury cosmetics store, which also offers in-store facials and spa treatments.

A native of Waycross, Amanda graduated from Richmond Hill High School and lived in San Diego for 6 years, where she pursued a successful career in banking. Following the financial crisis of 2008 and during the recession, however, Amanda decided upon a career change.

She became a master cosmetologist, in order to help others to find beauty within themselves and to project confidence.

“I tell everyone I love to be of service,” she says. “For many of us, beauty is not just an expression of femininity but of confidence and of health. It has been my pleasure to help support people as they strive to make their lives better and feel better about themselves, and that is what the Corner Suite is all about.”


A safe haven from the humdrum 

Marjani Smith, Creative Director of The Corner Suite, says, “At the beginning of the shutdown, I said that we needed to be kind, compassionate, and cognizant of others. We have to help each other through what is for many a tough time.  

“Amanda is the right person to lead The Corner Suite and to build upon a good first year, at a time when, in the midst of so much uncertainty, we need to be even more conscious of healing mind, body, and spirit.”

Amanda is herself licensed Master Cosmetologist and esthetician, but her principal role at The Corner Suite will be overseeing the ongoing perfection of the customer experience here.

“The Corner Suite will continue to be a safe haven from the humdrum,” Amanda says. “Marjani had a vision, and as at Blue Mercury it will be my goal to realize that vision to the Nth.” 

For now, Covid-19 has changed everything about the way we go about our daily lives. There is growing consensus on how each of us can protect ourselves and our family from the virus, but what has never been in doubt is this: in addition to observing recommended health protocols, self-care is vital.

“We are all worried about the health of our loved ones,” Amanda says. “In order to support them, we must seek peace of mind ourselves as best we can. It is important to take time to relax, to mediate, and to seek positive, healthy change. I can’t wait to meet you and support you in your journey.”

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