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Mobile IV and Concierge Spa Services

The Corner Suite is making health and wellness more accessible. We offer mobile IV therapy and concierge spa and beauty services in Savannah, Chatham County, and Coastal Georgia.

We believe the best practices are those we commit to at home and which become daily rituals--and that your customized self-care routine shouldn't have to be just a stacked calendar of beauty and wellness appointments.

Sometimes, it's just easier to have us come to you.

Our team nurses, therapists, estheticians and skincare specialists is here to help you feel as incredible as you look – in and out of The Corner Suite. We offer mobile IV therapy and concierge spa services, to be delivered in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or vacation rental and throughout Savannah and the Coastal Region.

Concierge Service Offerings

Mobile IV Drips


When there’s not enough time or water in the world to cure what ails you, our OG formula of saline solution and a megadose of electrolytes provides safe and immediate dehydration relief due to hangover, illness, overexertion, or malaise.


Developed by Dr. John Myers, this specialized blend of vitamin C, B12, B complex and magnesium is coined the “Myer’s Cocktail” and is designed to boost energy and treat a range of illnesses, supporting immunity recovery and preventative wellness.


Add this potent anti-emetic for (almost) immediate relief of nausea and vomiting.

Beauty and Spa Parties

We offer concierge spa and beauty services for special occasions, including bachelorette parties, bridal parties, and other special occasions. We will bring the spa to you, ensuring that your unique moments of celebration are preceded by the ultimate pampering experience. Email our team at or call 912-200-4095 to plan your mobile spa experience.

Areas of Service

Savannah Area Services

Get mobile IV infusion therapy or vitamin injections in the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or vacation rental within 5 miles of our office. One of our nurses will come to you. Add 175$ surcharge to the cost of your service.

Services Outside of Savannah

We also provide infusions for events and private gatherings throughout Chatham County, including Wilmington Island, Isle of Hope, and Tybee Island. Add $235 travel surcharge to the retail cost of your infusion(s). If you are interested in services and are further out than these locations mentioned, please reach out to us directly via or 912-200-4095.

After-Hours Concierge Services

We have limited after hours appointments available at The Corner Suite. Get the same luxury service delivered at your convenience. Add 75$ to the cost of your mobile IV drip for a service outside of our normal business hours. Call 912-200-4095 to schedule.

Policies for Mobile Services

Securing Your Concierge Services

A 50% deposit per person is required to reserve a house call appointment for individuals or groups. We can take one credit card for reservations and can be changed at time of payment.

Physiological Preparedness & Safety

Please drink at least 1-2 16oz bottles of water prior to your mobile IV appointment. Extreme dehydration can make it difficult to insert an IV. Please eat something prior to your appointment. A high protein snack such as nuts, seeds, a protein bar, cheese, yogurt or eggs. Low blood sugar can make you feel weak, light-headed, or dizzy.

Note that you will be required to disclose any health conditions or prescribed medications prior to receiving your mobile IV treatment. You will also be required to complete a health history form and a liability waiver.

Gratuity for Service Providers

We take pride in the artful approach that we bring to our medical and beauty wellness treatments and truly aim to deliver an unmatched experience in feeling-good. For all off-site services, we add a 20% gratuity to individual or group bookings.

Mobile IV and Concierge Spa Service Inquiry