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Savannah's Exclusive Source for Biologique Recherche

Founded in Paris in 1978, Biologique Recherche takes a clinical approach to skincare, building concentrated formulas from active botanical ingredients in their purest form: raw, cold-pressed, and free of parabens and preservatives.

At The Corner Suite, we believe that every face is uniquely beautiful and deserves to be honored, seen and artfully cared for.

Our Biologique Recherche facial program offers results-driven treatments designed to address a variety of skincare concerns. While BR may not be easy to find, it’s easy to love: just ask the dermatologists, estheticians, beauty editors, celebrities and our devoted clients who can’t live without it.

The Corner Suite is the exclusive source for Biologique Recherche in Savannah, Chatham County, and Coastal Georgia. Come see us at our facial studio in Downtown Savannah for a detailed professional skincare consultation and to discover your Skin Instant.

Biologique Recherche In Savannah


Custom Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment

This start-to-finish custom facial is a perfect introduction to Biologique
Recherche. You’ll experience the full product range, from two-step cleanser, Lotion P50 and creamy mask to quintessential serum, moisturizer and finishing serum, with every step personalized to your Skin Instant. This customized
facial begins with the Soin Lissant approach aimed at smoothing and refiningthe skin's texture while promoting a radiant complexion.


The Biosensible Facial Treatment

This custom Biologique facial soothes sensitive or reactive skin, using specialized products such as the Cold Mask treatment to ease the redness and irritation of rosacea and broken capillaries. This ultra-soothing treatment leaves inflamed skin feeling firm, smooth, and settled. Acne-prone, inflamed or intolerant skin will benefit from this deeply healing treatment. This therapeutic experience includes the Biologique Toleskin procedure, developed for lasting reduction of extreme skin sensitivities, itching sensations and discomfort.


The Biosculptural Facial Treatment

This revolutionary facial treatment uses lifting techniques bespoke to Biologique Recherche to exfoliate, hydrate, tighten and contour the skin. The Jacquet-Leroy massage technique is incorporated to lift and define by stimulating natural elastin and collagen reservoirs. This ultimate Biologique Recherche experience includes two-step cleanser, Lotion P50, creamy mask, quintessential serum, moisturizer and finishing serum — as well as customized manual Triple Lift and exfoliation from décolleté to forehead, and the Soin Restructurant et Lissant restructuring and smoothing technique that aims to tone, tighten & elevate the structure
of the skin.


The Beauty Wellness Intensive Facial Treatment

If you’re pressed for time, try an abbreviated Biologique line-up -- two-step cleanser, Lotion P50, quintessential serum, moisturizer and finishing serum -- selected to suit your Skin Instant.


The Language of Biologique Recherche

What’s your “Skin Instant”?

The magic of Biologique Recherche begins with an in-person analysis to establish your “Skin Instant,” a signature methodology for assessing the up-to-the-minute condition of your skin on the day of service.

The Skin Instant process is rooted in an understanding of the skin as dynamic, evolving and influenced by factors like climate, temperature, pollution and UV exposure, as well as stress, sleep, hormones, diet and age. Your Skin Instant at the time of service will determine the products incorporated into your custom facial and those recommended for at-home use. 

The BR Experience

For even tone, firm texture, tight pores, bounce-back elasticity and a healthy glow, Biologique Recherche skincare products are your whole-body beauty solution, and The Corner Suite is here to help you make a sustainable commitment to your skin.

Every service in our Biologique Recherche facial program begins with a cleansing massage to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, then continues on to a second cleanser and purifying lotion selected for your "Skin Instant."

With the skin primed for maximum receptivity, our estheticians press a custom cocktail of quintessential serums from forehead to décolleté and apply hand-warmed moisturizer and eye cream in a second lymphatic massage. Finally, a custom-blended finishing serum sends you back out into the world, face forward.

After a facial treatment experience, your practitioner will curate a customized line of products for your continued use, which can all be purchased in-suite and online, only at the Corner Suite in Downtown Savannah.

Applying the Products

We offer complimentary skincare consultation sessions with the purchase of any product and recommend the traditional steps of a Biologique Recherche skincare regimen as follows for routine rituals:

1. Cleanse with cleansing milk (rotate seasonally per consultation)

2. Prescribed Lotion P50 in an upward, swift, pressing motion (If masking, add now, remove before step 3)

3. Quintessential Serum application with infusing presses 

4. Targeted Serum application with infusing presses

5. Creme with upward, lifting motion

6. Finishing Serum with infusing presses

7. Sunscreen over the face, neck, decolleté & hands