Savannah IV Infusion - Coming Soon

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24 West Henry Street | 912-200-4095

Savannah is a gorgeous place to live and work and to visit. Now, finally, locals and the luxury traveler can enjoy high-end spa and wellness treatments in historic downtown Savannah.

“You don’t need a membership, but this truly feels like a place you belong,” says Creative Director, Marjani Smith. “We ask that you make an appointment, but once you’re here, nothing is off limits. Our mission is to provide you with the same exacting service that you’d expect from the top hotel spa in any great destination of the world.”

Marjani is driven by a passion for art and design. She helped Dr. Paul S. Bradley, one of Savannah’s most-beloved family physicians, turn OurSkinny (“The Easiest Diet Ever”), into a national brand. She is acting COO of Scripta, a health benefits tech startup, and because she travels so often for work, Marjani has learned to prioritize health and wellness wherever she goes.

“I wanted to recreate in Savannah the same healthy escape that I have found at hidden gems in Aspen and Malibu and New York,” Marjani says. “Savannah has lots to offer, but in talking to other women here, I wondered—why should we have to travel for the best health and wellness experiences?”

The Corner Suite rewards the hard work of discovery. The space has been designed for comfort, staffed with the area’s foremost wellness clinicians, and every aspect of the experience has been considered. “I wanted to convey a sense of serenity—natural lighting, warmth, familiar faces, sweet aromas, and the highest standards of service—reliably exquisite every single time.”

Science and technology can offer estimable health benefits, but just as meaningful are the beautiful moments along the way—moments which leave you relaxed and revived, rejuvenated, and at peace. “New and different doesn’t move me,” Marjani says of Savannah’s new downtown health spa. “I want a place that I can call home.”